By Liam Bolland

A group of lads attempted several painful ways of pulling a man’s tooth out – after he complained of toothache.

Jason Saddler, 28, from Leeds, attempted with a bunch of friends to pull out his pal, Dez’s tooth.

Numerous techniques were used including attaching a fishing line to a bike, a car, and then using pliers to relieve the man of his pain.

Eventually, one of Jason’s friends managed to simply tug on Dez’s loose tooth to pull it out.

Jason said: “He started complaining of tooth ache so we decided we should help him out.

“It took longer than when thought it would and it was a lot tougher too.

“We tried lots of different things, including pliers and attaching his tooth via a fishing line to the back of a car.

“One of my mates eventually managed to pull his tooth out, I was quite grossed by it all but I couldn’t stop watching.