Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This excitable puppy’s first visit to a beach ended up with her looking like an ostrich as her head became stuck upside down in the sand.

Little Laika the 13-week-old pooch could not contain herself when visiting Hermosa Beach, California, USA, on April 22.

With owner Stephanie Ronalds watching on and laughing, Laika – named after the first dog in space – appears to have buried her head while frantically digging into the golden sand.

As her tiny legs wave in the air, the persistent pup finally rights herself before shaking off all the pesky grains stuck in her fur.

Stephanie, from Redondo Beach, California, said: “Given Laika’s pedigree, this digging is normally the sort of thing she’d do in snow, but sand is the closest thing we have.

“Now Laika has her vaccinations, we are taking her out a lot more.

“She did this for most of the couple of hours we were at the beach, giving us – and lots of adoring fans around us – hours of non-stop laughter and entertainment.

“Everywhere we go, she’s best friends with each new person and dog she meets.”