Amazing Video

By Christina Wood

A parrot who is obsessed with horror movie The Shining has a family spooked as she insists on shouting the infamous ‘red rum’ phrase DAILY after becoming captivated by the cult film’s scariest scene.

Greg Negron, 37, caught parrot Honey’s antics on camera last month as his girlfriend Sabrina Behrike, 30, watched the 1980 horror classic starring Jack Nicholson.

Sabrina’s childhood pet has loved the film ever since she was with the family when they first it ten years ago and has continued to squawk the phrase daily ever since.

The family watch the Stanley Kubrick adaptation of the Stephen King horror around three times a year and claim that the Double Yellow-headed Amazon parrot goes ‘crazy’ when it’s on.

Sabrina, a nutritionist from East Valley, in Arizona, said: “We’ve had her for about 15 years. She’s my parent’s bird. She’s very animated and she only picks up the things that she’s interested in.

“We put the movie on when she was about three and she just picked it up. We all went silent when she did it for the first time. It was so creepy.

“We watch it every year. The bird gets a kick out of it. She loves the movie.

“It is her favourite phrase. It’s so funny. When people are over and they hear her saying it for the first time they’re usually in shock and a little creeped out.

“We just let them know she’s very talkative but a lot of people will connect it to the movie straight away when she says it.

“It’s hilarious. She’s not violent or aggressive she just loves saying it.”

After years of hearing Honey repeat the phrase the pair decided to capture the bird’s antics on camera to show everyone else her spooky habit.

Sabrina said: “We were just having fun and we decided to take the video. She definitely likes being the centre of attention.

“We have been around her for such a long time you just get used to her.”

Greg, a cashier, from Brooklyn, New York, said: “The bird has been saying it for years. They all love The Shining. They watch it about three times a year.

“It’s one of about 15 common daily words she says. This happens to be the funniest and most out of the ordinary word or phrase.

“She would say it constantly so we decided to take the video. When we put the movie on she gets a little crazy. We think it’s hilarious. Everyone else thinks it’s hilarious as well.

“Sometimes it’s creepy when you just hear ‘red rum’. The bird’s pupils dilate when she does it.”