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brunette bouffan

By Kim Reader

This baby girl has grown an adorable brunette bouffant past her shoulders that she loves having washed and blow-dried – despite only being four MONTHS old.


First-time mum Natasha Gent, 28, was told at her 20-week scan that she was expecting a baby with ‘a bit of hair’ when wisps showed up around little Holly’s head on the ultrasound.

But the beauty advisor and her husband Ashley Gent, 28, weren’t quite prepared for their little girl’s full head of beautiful, thick hair that has not stopped growing since she was born.

Now Holly’s hair, which her proud mum says is luckily very low maintenance, is the ‘mane’ attraction wherever she goes with strangers coming over to coo over the tot’s crazy do.

Natasha, of Medway, Kent, said: “We were prepared after being told she would have a bit of hair at her scan but it was still a shock when she came out and we could see just how much she had compared to other babies.


“It hasn’t stopped growing since the day she was born. We’re lucky that it has always been really easy to look after.

“Holly absolutely loves bath time and afterwards when her hair is dead straight it goes all the way past her shoulders.

“Sometimes she has a blowdry if her hair needs to dry quickly. She really enjoys it but sometimes she does try to eat the air.

“Her hair afterwards is so funny. It has grown straight upwards so after it’s dried it looks like a little afro. It makes us laugh so much.

“It’s a bit of a crazy hairstyle and it has a little mind of its own, it is completely untameable no matter how hard I try.


“Everyone comments on Holly’s hair from friends and family to complete strangers.

“It doesn’t matter where I am, the supermarket or out for lunch, guaranteed someone will come over to say how amazing her hair is and loads of people tell us she looks like a little doll.

“I catch people staring and nudging each other going ‘Wow look at that baby’s hair’. It’s nice as a mum to hear that, although sometimes I don’t know what to say because there’s only so many ways you can say thank you.


“Obviously to me, Holly will always be the most beautiful child but to get compliments from other people is so nice.

“And Holly absolutely loves the attention. She is so friendly and when people come over to her she just smiles away. ”


While the tot’s tresses might catch people off guard, Holly’s gran insists that she is the ‘spitting image’ of mum Natasha when she was born.

Holly’s brown barnet is so thick her mum says it feels nothing like fuzzy baby hair – and sometimes gives Natasha a serious case of ‘hair envy’.

It is the tot’s dad Ashley, an assistant manager, who is most attached to his daughter’s bountiful locks as Natasha says he can’t stand the thought of Holly having to go for her first haircut already.


But the proud parents insist they will let their little girl chop and change her hair as she pleases when she grows up.

Little miracle Holly was a happy surprise for the couple as Ashley was diagnosed with testicular cancer aged 15 and told he would not be able to have kids.

Natasha said: “My parents weren’t surprised at all when they saw Holly’s hair. My mum said she is the spitting image of me when I was born and looking back at baby photos I can see it.

“But my hair has got thinner. I think Holly’s is so thick it will be with her for life. It doesn’t feel like baby hair, it’s not fine or fluffy at all, it is beautiful and thick. Sometimes I get serious hair envy.

“I’ve tried to tell her dad that she might need her first haircut soon and he just won’t accept it. We’re both fans of long hair but he is definitely more attached to it than me. It’s just so beautiful.


“But when she gets older we’ll let her do whatever she wants with it. As much as I hope she’ll let it stay long, she can cut and style it however she likes.

“I can’t wait to watch her grow up and for her to grow into this person I can be best friends with and we’ll go swimming and shopping together.

“We’re absolutely loving being new parents. Of course it is difficult at times but it is just crazy how much a little person can change your life. As soon as they come along you cannot image life without them.

“I would like more but after us thinking we would not be able to have children naturally I just feel so blessed and so lucky to have her.”