By David Aspinall

This is the hilarious moment a hungover ‘uncle’ can barely hold his contempt for a kid’s music and dancing.

While Nathan travelled in the car with best friend Stephanie Janicki and her daughter, the effects of the previous night’s excesses are etched all over his face.

Almost grey, the upbeat theme from Magic School Bus playing on the radio clearly grates on the regretful reveller’s face.

As Stephanie’s daughter happily dances next to him, Nathan does a little shake of the head and throws some major side eye before trying to get comfortable.

Stephanie, from Orange County, California, USA, said: “I couldn’t stop cracking up when I saw his face.

“Nathan and my daughter are as thick as thieves, she even calls him ‘uncle Nate’.

“However, they did not see eye to eye in this situation at all.

“The New England Patriots staging the greatest comeback in sports history after trailing in the Super Bowl for three quarters was the direct cause of this brutal hangover.

“He can’t get over so many people finding amusement in what was clearly one of the most agonising moments of his life.”