cannabis oil

By Jos Weale

A dope-smoking mum claims she ‘cured’ her dog’s anxiety by giving her home-made biscuits containing CANNABIS OIL.

Marianne Dickson says rescue dog Honey used to cower from other dogs and was incredibly nervous before she started taking a daily doggie treat dosed with of CBD oil six months ago.


Though not recommended by Honey’s vet, the 43-year-old believes the change it had on her dog’s mental state was noticeable ‘within days’, and she is now ‘more dog’ than ever.

And the mum of-two, who says she has smoked cannabis for 30 years, claims she wants to promote the ‘many health benefits’ of cannabis and CBD oil – for man and dog alike.

Marianne, from Edinburgh, Scotland, said: “Honey was a rescue dog, and I think her past has made her very anxious. She was an anxious dog from when I got her.

“Before I started giving her the CBD she would always stay away from people with other dogs when we were out on walks. She would snarl and bark because she was so nervous.

“But now when we’re out she’s going up to them and sniffing.

“She’s so much more ‘dog’ now, showing more dog behaviours. She’s a lot more playful.


“She’s really hyperactive, people keep asking if she’s a puppy and I have to tell them she’s ten.

“She’ll have one a day with her breakfast. To start with I’d hide the biscuit underneath her breakfast to see if she’d eat them.

“Family and friends have noticed the difference too, some people have asked for a couple to try for their dog too.”

Marianne claims she whips up big batches of the alternative doggie treats at home, following an online recipe.

She says she will put ‘a couple of drops’ of CBD oil into the mixture during preparation, and then finished pops them in the freezer.


Marianne said: “They are easy to make and I can make a batch that lasts for about six months in the freezer.

“I’ll just put a couple of drops of the CBD in, not too much. It’s non-psychoactive as well.”

And she also claims the CBD oil has provided effective pain relief for the ten-year-old pooch, who has apparently suffered with arthritis for the last four years.

Marianne said: “She was so stiff before we tried the CBD oil, now she just doesn’t seem to get that stiffness.

“She had been prescribed pain killers by the vet but I didn’t give them to her because she’d be flat out when she had them.

“If she’s in pain, she seems to look at the biscuits, it’s like she’s telling me what she wants and she knows the biscuits are helping her.

“The vet doesn’t know that she’s been having the CBD but I would say if she needed to go again.”


Marianne suffers with Ankylosing Spondylitis, a condition that causes inflammation of the spine and leaves her in a lot of physical pain and with reduced flexibility.

Due to suffering from a long-term condition, she has been interested in the ‘health benefits’ of cannabis from a young age.

Having smoked the drug for more than 20 years, she says she decided to try CBD oil last year when doctors apparently raised concerns about the amount of medication she was taking.

She claims a drop of the non-psychoactive product in a milky coffee each day has allowed her to reduce her medication and become more active.

And following her own positive experience of the alternative remedy, Marianne decided to investigate the possibilities of how it could help Honey with her mental and physical problems.

Marianne, who is unable to work due to her illness, said: “I’ve been smoking cannabis for 20 or 30 years, I’ve been interested in it since I was young.

“I’d been looking online and came across two vets in Australia who had been using CBD oil on cats and dogs.


“So I thought, I’m going to try it with the dog.

“And we’re both walking proof that it works. Before I took it I was doubled up in pain.

“I’m quite an open book, I’ve had half and half when it comes to people’s reactions when I tell them about it.

“It’s not going to work for everyone, and if she didn’t want to eat the biscuits I wouldn’t give them to her.

“Half my family tell me to shut up when I start talking about the benefits of CBD, and others are very supportive and for it.”

And now, Marianne and Honey have joined fellow cannabis advocates in pushing for the plant to be legalised and formally recognised as a medical treatment.

They even joined crowds outside of the Scottish Parliament last month (April) to demand the decriminalisation of the drug.

Marianne said: “On communities on Facebook I’ve counted about 70 different illnesses and conditions that people say CBD has helped them with.

“I’d like to see cannabis accepted as a medicine and offered in pharmacies, just provided as an option for people.”

Gudrun Ravetz, President of the British Veterinary Association, said: “Dogs and other pets are far smaller than humans so their toxic levels are reached much quicker than ours.

“We believe that any treatment or medicinal product given to an animal must be supported by a scientific evidence-base; have undergone thorough testing to ensure its safety and effectiveness; and be under the direction of their local vet or vet nurse.

“If owners are concerned that their pet is showing anxiety or suffering from arthritis, or any other health or welfare condition, please speak to your local vet for advice on the best way of treating the issue.”