Bilal Kuchay

In a tragic moment, a baby girl born with an extra pair of hands and legs died barely six hours after her birth at a hospital in India.

Maya Chhetry, 29, from Sonitpur, in northeastern state of Assam gave natural birth to her first child weighing about 5.5 lbs at a government-run hospital on Thursday morning.

But, what could have been the happiest moment in the lives of Maya and her husband, Nirmal Chhetry, 31, both daily wage labours, soon turned into a heartbreaking moment, when the couple found that the baby had four extra limbs.

The panicked parents pleaded doctors for help but even before a life-saving surgery could have been performed, the infant lost her life.

“We are devastated. It was our first baby and we were desperately waiting for this moment .

“We could not believe our eyes when we saw extra pair of limbs in her body. We had neither heard or seen such babies before,” said Nirmal.

Doctors at the hospital said the baby was plagued by an extremely rare condition of conjoined twins where the twin ‘s limbs fused within one body but the head could not fully develop.