By Malayanil

This is the shocking moment a ward boy at a hospital twisted and broke a three-day-old baby’s leg because the baby’s cry was disturbing his sleep.

Footage captured in the CCTV camera installed at the hospital shows the ward boy brutally twisting the infant’s leg while trying to change his diaper.

The ward boy absconded after the parents filed a police complaint and is still at large.

The yet-to-be-named infant, born to Varnik Kumar, had a serious respiratory problem and was admitted to the ICU of Arna Hospital in Roorkee, in Uttarakhand’s Haridwar district, northern India on January 28.

But the parents only learnt about his broken leg when his condition deteriorated and he was moved to another hospital in the city where doctors discovered the reason for his dangling leg.

In the video, the ward boy can be seen twice trying to twist the baby’s knee while the baby was crying incessantly. He then studies the little baby’s visibly dangling leg after impulsively breaking it.

The parents then extracted the footage from the hospital and lodged a complaint against the ward boy with the police.

V Krishnakumar, Senior Superintendent of Police in Haridwar, said: “A complaint has been filed against the ward boy and an inquiry is being held into the incident. We will come to a conclusion very soon. But we cannot reveal his name as of now because it is unclear if he broke the leg intentionally or if it was due to negligence.”