By Shuk Yee Tsang

This collection of weird and wonderful make up transformations showcases some of the best make-up artists across the globe.

Using special effects or a simple paint pallet, these artists have turned themselves into iconic characters, movie villains and celebrities.

A talented makeup artist created some disturbing special effect of a pair of scissors stuck into her brother’s eye socket.

Colette Sweeney is a professional makeup and special effects artist from New York, US, and her gruesome makeup art has gone viral online with more than 20,000 views.

Colette applied blood-coloured makeup and a fake scissors’ handle to her brother Brian’s eye to make it look like he had a pair of scissors stuck into his eye socket.

A body artist has masterfully turned people into iconic pop culture figures – including the scariest Halloween characters.

Melissa Croft, 24,from Lincoln applies makeup and paint on friends to make them resemble cartoons, celebrities and film and TV characters and said: “I love bringing characters to life.”

Her latest works are based on Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas, and Donkey from Shrek.

Another talented make-up artist has turned her own hands into monsters, trees and other disturbing figures for Halloween.

Marissa Miller, 23, from Colorado practises over 20 hours a week and her videos have been viewed millions of times online thanks to the fact that she performs make-up art and illusions mainly on her hands.

In one video, Marissa turned her fingers into tentacles, and in another one she created a huge spider-like monster that looks like it is emerging from the palm of her hand. Marissa said: “I do make-up on my face as well, but I kind of excelled with the hand make-up.

“I think what really made me steer in the direction of hands was my first video to ever go viral which was my tentacle fingers.

“It kind of set up the mood that hands were my trademark thing that made me stand out compared to other make-up artists.”

A special effects make-up artist creates pictures perfect faces for Halloween, by crafting bloody and gory masterpieces from out of his bedroom.

David Harris works as a dancer at a holiday park, but his true passion and talent is for gory, stomach-churning special effects make-up.

Working out of his bedroom in Nottingham, the 25-year-old crafts a variety of disgusting scenarios, from carving open his own leg with a knife and fork, to having a can shoved into his face.

And this makeup artist’s horrifying Halloween illusions leave her too scared to look in the mirror.

Zoe Pratt, 33, creates spooktacular illusions which are so scary she even gives herself a fright – often not recognizing herself following her spooky transformations.
The horror fan uses body and face paint to transform herself into all manner of scary beings including witches, devils and skeletons – sometimes spending a whole day creating the perfect illusion.

This incredible Halloween makeup shows a woman’s face literally peeling off. Julia Wunderlich, from Germany, created this amazingly horrific look by using silicone to make a hyper-realistic face that sat upon her own.

Julia has been a make-up artist for seven years and shows off her special effects based makeup on Instagram.

Then there’s this glamorous teen who completely transforms herself into a thing of nightmares with her horror film-inspired makeup.

The spooktacular footage shows Alisha Pollard go from fresh-faced teen to demon nun Valak from scary flick The Conjuring 2 in just 20 minutes.
The transformation is complete with dark veins, hellish yellow eyes and grimy black teeth.

Self-taught Alisha, from Goole, East Yorks, first delved into makeup artistry last Halloween when she dressed as a creepy clown.

This teenage makeup artist transforms herself into amazing male movie characters.

Poppy Shepheard, 17, from Weston-super-mare, is a self-taught make up artist who has transformed herself male characters such as, Hugh Glass from the film The Revenant, Gollum from Lord of the Rings and Nearly Headless Nick from Harry Potter film.

Poppy who is studying an undergraduate degree with honours at University Centre Weston in Hair, Make-up and Prosthetics for Production, said: “All of my work I have sculpted, cast and moulded the prosthetics entirely by myself. “I am a real cinema lover and take a lot of my inspiration from pop culture, film and popular tv shows.

This incredible make-up artist transformations herself into famous characters, including Fiona from Shrek and Joe Exotic.

Ellie Lewis, 25, a make-up artist, spends hours bringing out a new look every week, leaving her unrecognisable and her followers stunned.

Her previous works range from a full body transformation into Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride to recreating sinister characters such as Joe from Netflix’s ‘You’.

Talented Goldie Yabes, 23, uses makeup and poster paints to transform her face to blend into different places around her in Baguio City, Philippines.

While she usually paints on canvases, she began creating these mind-boggling looks after being unable to access her usual art supplies during lockdown.

A talented artist has transformed her face into 10 iconic Disney Pixar characters.

From Toy Story’s Rex, Monsters Inc’s Mike Wazowski to Ratatouille’s Remy, Krista Krautner, 27, spends up to four hours a day creating each incredible look that completely fools the eye.

Self-taught Krista built up her skills by painting basic skulls and zombies, before diving into the weird and wonderful illusion makeup to really test her artistry.

You’d be forgiven for wanting to take a bit out of these mouth-watering food snaps – until you realise they’re actually painted BODY PARTS.

From a shin that looks just like a peeled banana to a cheese board painted on the artist’s face, these gastronomic delights really are too good to eat.

Make up artist Mimi Choi, from Vancouver, Canada, fell in love with illusion make up and has since amassed an audience of 1.1 million on Instagram where she shares all of her quirky makeup looks.

Mimi has gone on to transform her face into a cheese board complete with grapes and apples, her leg into a peeled banana and her arm into sushi which all look shockingly realistic.

The 34-year-old can spent up to four hours creating one look and gets most of her inspiration from real food and digital art that she has seen.

No look is too extreme for Mimi as she loves getting creative with makeup and often confuses and shocks her audience with how distorted it can make their perception.

Cassie Gillespie 25, from Donegal, Ireland, spends four hours on average to create the impressive looks which include Kermit the frog, a ferocious lion and an incredibly realistic zebra. The waitress who is self-taught said she is inspired by almost everything including cereal boxes and films.

She said: “I absolutely love transforming my face into something different – it really makes my younger family members smile.

“It can take anything between four to eight hours to complete the look but it is totally worth it to see people’s reaction.

Mimi Choi, 34, can be seen transforming her face into a bird cage, a fish tank, and has even managed to make her tongue appear as though it’s a frog leaping from her mouth.

The MUA from Vancouver, Canada, says she’s an animal lover and enjoys incorporating this into her designs when drawing on her face and that of others. Mimi added: “Each look can take between four to six hours to complete.

She said: “I use mostly water-based face paints and everyday cosmetics like matte eyeshadows, liquid eyeliners, and lipsticks from my favourite brands.

Natalie Costello, 31, uses an array of makeup including concealers, body paints and different shades of foundations to create the impressive looks which take no longer than two hours.

She has shared her favourite looks which range from Freddie Mercury, Amy Winehouse, Rambo, Alice Cooper, Kim Kardashian and Joe Exotic.
Natalie from Dublin, Ireland said: “I absolutely love transforming myself into a celebrity – it is so much fun.

“I have never had the opportunity to go out with it on but sometimes if I really like the look I will keep the makeup on and eat my dinner looking like David Bowie.

“But if it is someone who looks a bit scary or super manly, I take it straight off after posting pictures online.

“Each look usually takes one or two hours, it really depends on who I am doing and what their facial features are like.

“I use mainly brown eye shadow and a mixture of dark and light concealers, foundations and body paints – it is all about manipulating the lighting and getting the right shades.

“I had the most fun creating the David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Rambo looks as they’re really cool characters.”