By Shuk Yee Tsang
Photographer captures a group of five cheetahs taking down a large topi antelope.
The group of cheetahs have become famous in Masai Mara, Kenya, with locals dubbing the group The Five Musketeers.
This picture was captured by Norwegian photographer Olav Thokle, at the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya in January this year.
Olav said: “Cheetahs are the world’s fastest land animal, capable of reaching speeds of up to 70 mph, making it very difficult to photograph when hunting.
“The Five Musketeerare an interesting coalition and are thought to be the largest coalition of male cheetahs that have been together for more than four years.
“I tried to follow them for 12 days and on the last evening we were lucky to witness the cheetahs chase and take down the antelope.
“The hunt was over in five seconds, and I only had one chance to get the right pictures.
Aa nature photographer, I am particularly interested in photographing large mammals, and in recent years, I have travelled regularly to this
national park to photograph big cats.”