By William Lailey
This photographer has been snapping pictures of strangers‘ ears that he meets in the street.
Alexander Coggin, 36, currently living in London, decided he would start capturing strangers‘ ears after realising his own ears were overburdened with glasses, ear-pods and mask strings.
By focusing on the small detail of people’s earsthe photographer likes how he can see broader clues of someone’s character.
He added: “I’ve long been obsessed with the details of our street personas and how we dress.
“By focusing on a person’s ear there are so many small preferences and personal corners of our appearance that we are intensely familiar with.
“An earring that might always be falling out, headphones that constantly tangle, or a tattoo we regret.
“I just really like seeing if I can imagine the rest of these beings, these full humans. By studying their costume choices, can I extrapolate theories on their occupation and their values?
“When I look back at these series of images, taken in east London during April and May of this year, I see telling they are of the pandemic and how character adornment is eternally fascinating.
“When you zoom in on the details of a person, the variety is infinite.
“Most people don’t focus on the small details of strangers, so I think viewers have been really fascinated.”