By Shuk Yee Tsang

Aadorable bear cub has been snapped giving a flower a good sniff.

Chad Collier, 44, who works in construction, from Arizona, US, captured the sweet moment on camera in Katmai National Park on the Alaska, Peninsula.

The curious cub can be seen taking in its surroundings as its nose touches the Daisy in a field.

Chad said: “Cubs this small are very new to their world.

“They are so intuitive, it’s amazing.  But with that also comes curiosity, and the urge to explore and understand their world abs the objects in it.

“I was hoping it would stop and maybe chew on the flowers, so when it started smelling them, I was in shock.

“The bear stood there sniffing the flower for about 30 seconds.

“It was like the cub was really processing what it was smelling, I thought this is too good to be true!

“We were about 20 feet away.

“Some people consider photographing bearas dangerous – but there is a risk with everything.

“However, ethical photography means understanding your subjects, identifying behaviour, and applying common sense in wild environments.

“In order to tell their stories, you must have a level of trust and understanding with your subjects.

“Documenting the lives of our wild animals requires respecting their ability to let us in to do so.  I’m always honoured the bearallow me to do this.”

@storiesfromthewildphotography/ CATERS NEWS