By Leah Fox

mum has harvested some un-bulb-lievably GIANT garlic – which measures taller than her toddler.

Brooke Spiller, 22, from Southampton, Hampshire, planted the bulbs last Halloween, only to discover last week that they had grown into terrifically tall plants.

When her two-year-old daughter, Delilah – who is just 90cm tall – held one of the crops next to her, it towered over her in height, measuring a whopping 127cm from bulb to the top of the leaves.

Stay-at-home-mum Brooke said: “I thought it might be nice to get a picture of Delilah next to the giant garlic and I was shocked that they were taller than her.

“She found it hilarious. She really loves gardening.

“A friend gave me some bulbs a while ago and we have ended up planting them every year since.

“They seem to be getting bigger every year which is crazy. It’s called elephant garlic but I’m pretty sure they’re not usually this giant.

“I planted them on Halloween and harvested them just last week.

“We harvested 17 in total and there’s another 24 in.

“My family will be having garlic in every meal from now on!”

Brooke shared the hilarious snap with her family, and she has now given some bulbs to them to challenge them to grow even larger crops.

She added: “Everyone loves the picture and have been asking about why the garlic grows so big.

“I’ve given some of the bulbs to friends and family now so we’re going to have a competition on who can grow the biggest garlic.

“I was so shocked how it grew so large and I would hope that it’d be a contender for the biggest elephant garlic grown in the UK!”