By Katy-Rose Meaney

Aartist has delicately painted birds onto a sequence of feathers.

Artist Hayley Bird, from Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, will spend up to nine hours perfecting the birds onto the feathers.

After trying out her idea aa hobby, she has been blown away by orders in the past 12 months.

The 36-year-old said: “A few years ago I was mooching around craft shops on holiday in Cornwall and I spotted a wonderful Native Indian painting on feathers.

“It looked absolutely amazing. The detail on such a small space was incredible and I thought I would love to try that.”

Since launching her own business, Birds on a Feather, from home, Hayley says her passion has helped her to focus during lockdown.

For each design, Hayley uses two goose feathers placed together, to create a perfect sized canvas and has a trade secret for ensuring the paint sticks to the feathers.

She said: “I have experimented with lots of natural surfaces, such as leaves and tree bark, but I have found feathers are the best. I treat them first with my secret and then the paint doesn’t run. I paint with acrylics and it works really well.

At first I would use various feathers that I found when out walking, but as my business grew,  I now order goose feathers online.”

Hayley’s she has been kept busy with a variety of commissions.

“I started off painting birds of prey, but I have received requests for pets too. Dogs are very popular and I’ve also painted horses, butterflies and other varieties of birds.” She said.

Many fans send Hayley feathers from their beloved birds and she then paints their picture from a photo of their pet.

Each painting takes Hayley around nine hours in total and her portraits are sold for just £46 each. Her work is displayed in a 8×6 box frame and her price includes free postage.

Laughing Hayley said: “I can’t do people portraits, I tried but it really isn’t a talent of mine, but I really enjoy painting animals.”

“I like using pheasant feathers and I love to create things with recycled items. I love to be crafty.”

“Painting is my little world and it makes me happy. I love that my paintings are making other people happy too.

“I had great feedback from my orders at Christmas. I love to receive videos and reactions when people receive them. I am really proud of my work and so excited to see my little business take off.”

To follow her work visit @birdsonafeather