By Alyce Collins

After tragically losing their dad at the start of the year, these sisters kept his memory alive with a touching tribute to his selfless outlook.

Wedding photographer Anna Harp, 28, from Siloam Springs, Arkansas, US, lost her father, Rudolph Clausing, on January 13, 2021 due to coronavirus.

Before his tragic passing at the age of 66, Rudolph left a hand written note for his loved ones. The note reads: ‘It has been such a good life’.

The note means so much to Anna and her younger sister Abrielle, 21, so they both decided to get it tattooed as a permanent reminder of their late father.

Anna’s tattoo is on her forearm, written in the exact handwriting of the note.

Abrielle had the note turned into a beautiful design on an envelope and surrounded by flowers.


Anna said, “Whenever we found the note it was just a no brainer.

“There’s nothing more meaningful than the last words he left us, so we knew he was at peace with the life he had.

“I catch myself staring at it all the time. It means so much to me and is the perfect reminder for me to live my life like my dad did.

“He loved life so much and was thankful for every day he was given.

“My dad was the most selfless person I’ve ever known. He was constantly putting everyone before himself.

“The note that he wrote was for us to know that he was happy with the life he had been given and was at peace, and it just shows he was thinking about others even in the very last moments of his life.”