By Lucy Harvey

This owl is no Hoot-dini as he attempts to hide behind a rock but can clearly be seen.

The little owl’s gleaming eyes can be seen behind the rock on Holcombe moor, Lancs.

Martin Loftus, 39, who lives in Bury, Greater Manchester, recalls feeling like he was being ‘watched’ before he spotted the owls head.

The postman said: “The owls are so inconspicuous that they just sit there on the rock faces most of the time totally invisible to 99% of people who pass through.

“I had a strange feeling I was being watched.

“I scanned the rocks with my binoculars and noticed two tiny eyes peering at me from over a boulder.

“I knew instantly what it was and I actually laughed out loud at just how comical it looked and just how bad it was at hiding from me.

“I took the photo and it slowly disappeared back behind the boulder and disappeared.”