Amazing Animals

By Alex Wilmot

These dazzling snapshots capture the adorable moments that paint covered pups dive through the air to create incredible explosions of colour.

Photographer, Adriana Ardelean, 52 from Duvall, Washington State, US, has produced a remarkable series of pictures from her coloured powder shoots with dogs.

With careful application of a safe cornflour based paint to the dogs’ coats, a simple black backdrop and some toys to get them excited, Adriana has created a range of wonderful multi-coloured moments.

Among these is a stunning trio of dogs leaping through the air, leaving a stream of red, green and orange paint behind them, while another shows a border collie creating an incredible cloud of purple as they happily dart between obstacles.

When asked why she started to use paint in her shoots, Adriana said: “I’ve been doing dog photography for a while now, and after every event or shoot when I post-edited the pictures.


“I always see all these different expressions of the dogs – from happiness over ambition to just having silly faces, for example when they missed an object they were supposed to catch.

“And I was thinking: how can I highlight that artistically. In my opinion, the colours and powder make it look very artistic and emphasize even more of the dogs expressions. Of course, the whole process against a plain black backdrop is what makes the whole story really work.”

It’s all about getting the timing just right for the pictures, says Adriana, with ‘dry runs’ held without paint before the session begins.

She said: “This is by far the most fun of the work part: Being directly involved with the dogs and lately also other animals, like horses.

“It is a real teamwork effort with a lot of fun moments, and you never know what the main stars of the show come up with.

“The trick then really is to be prepared for the unexpected, and capture that in the right moment. That only works if the dogs really ‘dig’ the whole event as an exciting game.”

The results speak for themselves, with snapshots of the dogs eagerly tearing after frisbees, tennis balls and bubbles as the trails of colour flow behind them.

Ensuring it’s a fun day for the dogs is an important part of getting such incredible results, says Adriana: “It’s our duty to make sure of that. If they don’t enjoy it, and receive the event as an exciting play game, there will be hardly any cool expressions of them to capture.

“So, having the dogs entertained and making sure its an enjoyable experience is one of the biggest tasks in the whole event. Happy dog, cool results! Sad dog – lame results. It’s that simple!”

Adriana originally started her photography business – which can be found on Facebook @LensMoments.LLC – after moving to the US in 2019, eager to capture special moments that wouldn’t normally be caught on camera.

She said: “In our fast-moving times, photography is the opportunity for me to pick out moments you wouldn’t usually capture – but which are otherwise maybe too fast forgotten.

“The result is a fraction of a moment in which time seems to stand still. A moment that can be remembered long after it has passed, often with an expression of the person or of the pet, which was not intended to be captured, which was not stilted.

“That’s my goal – to be able to give to these real moments duration, to frame this tiny part of our lives forever as something honest and real.