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By Alex Wilmot

An owl has been caught winking at the camera.

The shot was taken by photographer Matt Cockrill, 26, from Burntwood, Staffs, on May 23.

He was visiting Cannock Chase when he spotted the owl breed – which is know as Little Owl.

Matt added: “I often head over to Cannock Chase in search of wildlife to observe and photograph.

You honestly never know what you’ll see! So it’s always best to stay open minded even if your after a specific species.

“This was the case with the encounter of the Little Owl. I set out to find stoats and fox dens, and began my search deep in the woods.

“About half an hour from when I began, something caught the corner of my eye, as I turned to look, this beautiful bird was perched literally about 8m from me, in full plain view! This nearly never happens!

Owls always seem to elude me at the best of times, so this was such an amazing moment!

“A proper buzz. While the owl sat, I slowly brought my camera to my eye and began to take a few portrait shots, this is when the owl gave me one long wink, before flying far into the trees and out of sight. The brief five minutes I had was such a pleasure!”