By Jessica Testa

This blind cat shows off his abnormally huge eyes as he explores his home.

Owner, Marie-Josee Brisson, in her 50’s, rescued the fluffy Norwegian Forest cat, Pico, from a local vets.

Marie and her daughter, Monica, 17, – who was desperate for a cat – from Canada, said it was love at first sight.

Unfortunately Pico, now nine, who once had green eyes, developed an infection in which led to blindness.

He now follows Monica around the house and outside to navigate his way around.

Marie-Josee said: “He used to have green eyes but one day, he had an infection that possibly caused glaucoma that caused his blindness.

“Most of the time, he’s okay going about his days, but he bumps into furniture sometimes.

“He knows his way around the house very well.”