By Alex Wilmot

slackline athlete has performed freestyle tricks in the clouds – hovering 1500m above a lake.

Semi-professional slackline-athlete, Samuel Volery, from Switzerland, took to the sky to practise his freestyle skills on a highline that was 1500m above the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Lucerne in central Switzerland.

The 36-year-old thrill-seeker has been slacklining for 15 years and says he was overwhelmed as he looked out to the stunning landscape as he performed tricks at such a crazy height.

He added: “I fell in love with highlining because I could be outdoors and be in crazy beautiful locations. I was previously a free-skier, but after a ski accident, I realized that free-skiing is too dangerous and that basically, every freestyle sport leads to hard impacts on the body.

“This is when I discovered highlining.

“A few years ago I realized that it was actually possible to do freestyle tricks on highlines too and I started exploring.

“Even now, at the age of 36, I can fully commit and throw the hardest tricks that you can imagine.

“There are no hard impacts. Landings and falls are soft.

“Even though it looks scary from the outside, highlining is actually a really safe sport. It is beautiful.”

Samuel says that the highline above Lake Lucerne is a perfect location for his sport as it offers incredible views of the lake and the alps, as well as having the perfect set-up for his freestyle tricks.

He said: “The spot offers a crazy good view on the Lake Lucerne as the lines are rigged 1,500m above the lake.

“I feel overwhelmed looking out into this stunning landscape.

“But when I start freestyling and trying new tricks I’m simply 100 per cent concentrated on the move and just extremely stoked when a new idea works out.

“And I love the acceleration and weightlessness that those big bounces offer. It is amazing.”