By Lucy Harvey

A pair of elephants have been captured on camera as they engage in some rough and tumble play fighting.

Wildlife photographer, Samuel Cox, 33, watched on as two young elephants entertained themselves by having a play fight during his trip to Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, South Africa.

He said: “We were with a very calm herd of elephants in the morning, and these two young ones were having a playful spar right next to us.

“It might seem scary by looking at these photos, but it was a beautiful and calming experience.

“I’ve been on a lot of similar scenarios and can distinguish the difference between aggression and play within elephants – so I was never fearful of any potential aggression being turned on us.

The play lasted for about five minutes and neither one came off as a clear victor. It was a bit of a draw if you ask me.

Elephants are amazing animals. One of the best experiences you can get on a safari is being alongside a large herd of relaxed individuals.

They are truly gentle giants and that is why I love doing what I do.”