By Lucy Harvey

This depressed looking lion was spotted drowning his sorrows at a waterhole.

The usually alert and on guard predator was pictured looking dejected and downcast as he lay staring into space at the Nsinga Waterhole in Greater Kruger National Park.

Photographic guide, Moosa Varachia, was on hand to capture the melancholy moment and said the lion may have been sad at the prospect of leaving his pride.

The 29-year-old from South Africa said: “As we arrived we found the lionall scattered around the water hole asleep.

“This sub adult male lion seen in the picture then got up and made his way towards the water hole, had himself a few sips of water and then decided to lie down right next to the water.

“Maybe this lion felt sad because soon he would soon have to leave his pride and go fend for himself.

“The lion could definitely have been experiencing a life crisis about leaving his home and going out into the real world.

“Being so close to wild lions in an open safari vehicle is a bit intimidating especially since we get so close to them but they see the safari vehicle as something more superior to them this is why they are generally very reserved and relaxed around them.

“Personally I love big cats and I love being able to photograph them so I aalways in my element when I’m surrounded by these beautiful animals.”

@moosawildlife / Caters News 

@moosawildlife / Caters News