By Neo Bye and Alyce Collins


A travelling Casanova on a mission to reach the length of the US to go on a date with a different girl in all 50 states.

Matthew Wurnig, 24, has completed over 20,000 miles since he left his home in Montana, USA, in January on a bid to go on 50 dates in 50 states.

Once domestic travel restrictions were eased, Matthew organised to meet up with each virtual date and go on a date in person from January 2021.

The content creator finds each love interest on a dating app before letting them decide on a fun activity for them to do together.

The first stop on his cross-country trip was Wyoming.

Since beginning the challenge, Matthew has done indoor skydiving, go karting, ice skating, snowboarding, beach walks, cooking classes and visited arcades.

Matthew said: “We do a different fun adventure on every date, I’m not just going on 50 dinner dates.

“I’ve been sky diving, snowboarding, salsa dancing, go karting and to a cooking class. I let them decide what to do because they know the area.

“It’s a really fun thing to do. Some dates are more eventful than others, but I’ve been really lucky because I haven’t had one bad or awkward date. They’ve all been really great.

“I haven’t really developed an emotional attachment to any of the dates because I know I’ll be moving onto a different state straight after.”

This is the second of Matthew’s romantic adventures as in March 2020, to keep him occupied during the lockdown, he completed 50 virtual dates with girls from all over America.

After his quest went viral earlier this year, he decided to take his mission further by travelling the length of the country in his car to date in person.

Matthew said: “I was doing three or four virtual dates a night but it took me about three months to get round all 50 states because I was quite busy at work.

“Then when things opened up again and I started gaining traction on social media, I decided to get on the road.

“I started the project because I wanted to put a smile on people’s faces whether it be people who are following my journey or my dates.”