Life Offbeat

By Cally Brooks

pet psychic has diagnosed a man with lung cancer thanks to his pet dog.

Sarah Lea, 27, has been working as an animal communicator since she was just a child after discovering an innate ability for communicating with animals.

The animal lover has communicated with a huge range of animals – including cats, dogs, horses, donkeys and even a hive of bees.

But an experience that sticks out to her the most was when she discovered the owner of a rescue dog was suffering from severe lung cancer after being hired by the family to communicate with the pet.

Sarah, from Los Angeles, California, explained: “I had once been booked to do a basic check in with a dog that had been rescued – the family just wanted to know if he was happy.

“The entire time, the dog refused to show me anything about himself but passing this vision onto me of a father in a rocking chair, coughing his lungs out and this experience was extremely vivid.

“I could hear this terrible cough as if it were in my living room and I could see the body and how it was struggling.

“He then showed me a timeline and I saw this man‘s time was limited so I realised something was really wrong.

“I called up the mum and I asked if her husband sat in a rocking chair all day long and she asked how I knew that; I warned her that I was very worried about his health and that there was something wrong with his lungs.

“Two days later, I got a call and he was taken to the emergency department in an ambulance where they discovered he had severe lung cancer.

“The information I get from an animal always depends – the process requires a deep meditation which takes about an hour and from there, I will receive images, concepts of things, experiences, and sometimes a voice or a feeling.

“From there, I can take those experiences and have a better understanding of what’s going on or discuss it with the client to get to the root of it.

“Animals are really matter of fact about things; my number one intention from my work is to bring the most necessary information forward to heal the animal and the person.”

Sarah Lea works full time as an animal communicator and has made a business out of her ability to communicate with animals.

Her schedule is often booked up three months in advance as hundreds of pet owners come to her for advice.

She added: “From the moment I was born, I had an innate connection with animals.

“I believe everyone is born with these abilities but somewhere along the way, we develop an ego and are conditioned into society and its norms.

“I was born in South Africa and worked with an animal communicator there and that’s when it all clicked.

“For the most part, I work with domesticated animals because they have a very different psychology and connection to humans than that of wild animals but I was once asked to connect with a hive of bees.

“Most of the work I do is remote and via Zoom because it’s much more effective that way – a basic session costs around $129 [£93].

“As a vegan, I am a pretty outspoken activist and I feel I have a need to protect and understand animals.

“I love my job but it can be exhausting at times; it requires a certain level of mental energy each day but the end result is extremely fulfilling.

“I have dealt with constant judgement from friends and family; coming out as an animal communicator has been one of the most difficult things I’ve had to face.

“But I know the impact this has on my hundred of clients each year and that’s the whole point – I am simply here to serve and help those who need it and it has been an honour to do so”.