By Alex Wilmot

An artist has creates a steampunk sider from metal menagerie

The photos show the amazing creations of Peter Szucsy,46, from Budapest, which include his golden mechanical spider crafted with the gears and guts of a pocket watch.

His ‘King’ series is a blend of brass interpretations of spiders, insects, robots and draws inspiration from the Victorian-era industrial revolution.

Among these are elaborately decorated yet incredibly life-like crabs and fly’s, complete with metallic claws and wings.

It’s a labour of love for the former game art director and lead artist, who traded his 25 year long career at a desk to create these sculptures three years ago.

Peter said: “Three years ago working with metal was quite new for me, I’d been working at a computer for over two decades.

“I was safer when I worked at a computer, but in the real world the tools are quite dangerous – My hands are covered in wounds, burns and callouses, but I don’t mind, I really enjoy the handmade creation, I don’t plan to return to my computer.”

His range of creatures is likely to grow, with Peter eyeing up opportunities to create interpretations of mantis, mosquitos and dragonfly.

Each of these creations takes around a week to craft, however, due to his attempts to improve his approach this can change, Peter explained: “I am always looking for new parts, new solutions, techniques, materials and making experimental work just to see my limits.

“My experimental work has led me to create my best artworks.”

Incredibly the ideas for his creations begin from the moment he locates materials -that he purchases from flea markets – and gets them ‘in his hands.’

It’s all the more impressive when also considering that this can take Peter up to two months, as he carefully tracks down all the pieces needed to craft his intricate sculptures.

It can sometimes lead to a lot of spare parts for Peter, who after he was asked how many watches and parts he has collected estimated it stood at around 300, but that it was ‘still not enough.’

However, he has a few simple rules when it comes to collecting for his art, he said: “I never use rare watches, or watch parts with high value. I use unrepairable watch movements only. I collect the watch parts also, so I definitely want to rescue the rare items. I have dozens of rare pocket watch, and movements in my watch collection.”