By Charlotte Nisbet

A baker has created a series of incredible spring flowers from sugar icing to replicate his own garden.

Ben Fullard, 46, spends up to three days perfecting the flowers – which look so realistic that they’re often confused for the real deal.

From tulips to roses, clematis and magnolias, parrot tulips, ferns and orchids, Ben has been using his own outdoor space as inspiration during lockdown.

With over 20 years’ experience in baking wedding cakes, Ben, of Erdington, Birmingham, says he is always looking to improve his skills.

The baker known as Ben the Cake Man, added: “I have been using my own garden flowers as inspiration over the last few months.

“I take the petals off the flower and draw around them, so they act like a template.

“Doing this enables my sugar icing flowers are as realistic as possible.

“I will spend up to three days perfecting a single flower, weeks creating a spray before attaching them to a wedding cake but of course at the moment all the flowers are just for practice as no weddings are taking place.

“The flowers on the wedding cakes I create can last for up to two years plus and I can ensure they’re detachable.

“Some flowers have up to 60 petals per flower head and they’re all individually painted and assembled.

“Peonies and roses can take the longest to create due to the texture and shape required from each petal.”

Ben says that often guests at weddings are shocked to know that the flowers are in fact edible.

He added: “Every cake I make for each wedding is unique and it’s great when couples are amazed by the flowers actually being sugar icing.

“I think they look realistic but I’m always improving.

“The flowers start off as a ball of sugar flower paste and I’m always excited when they turn out so well.”

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