Amazing Nature

By Lucy Harvey

These look like two very angry birds – a pair of kingfishers were caught on camera battling mid-air over breeding territory.

Photographer Jonathon Rosborough, 25, from Ballymena, Northern Ireland, took the pictures along a river called Sixmile Water in Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The pictures show two brightly coloured Kingfishers battling it out in a ferocious fight.

Jonathon, who also works as a microbiologist, snapped the pictures during the short fight – which was caused by a battle of breeding territory along the river.

Jonathon explained: “I was taking my six-month-old daughter out for a walk in the pram when I spotted the two birds; I always take my camera with me everywhere I go in case I spot something special.

“These two male Kingfishers were fighting for no more than ten seconds in total.

“At first, I thought I was watching a pair on the far river bank when all of a sudden they flew towards each other and locked bills in mid-air.

“They plummeted into the water of the river below and continued scrapping; tumbling into the water a few more times before the bird on the right claimed victory and chased his rival off upstream.

“Neither of them appeared to be badly hurt.

“I couldn’t believe it at first; luckily I had my camera on hand to document the action.

“I knew they were territorial but I didn’t realise they fought like this until I witnessed it for myself.

“After speaking to some other fellow wildlife photographers when I got home, they told me they had never witnessed anything like this before either!”