By Zach Hobson


Albums are artwork in their own right but one girl from Michigan, US, takes it one step further.

Isabella Buelna a high school student and artist, has painted and delicately crafted her own album covers from artists like SZA, Colie Ray, Lil Baby and others.

The videos show her taking time painting faces, clothing and background details, as she finishes her work with an original glaze that makes the paintings shine.

Isabella’s dedication to painting Rap and R&B stars is continuing with an upcoming tribute piece to Pop Smoke who died in February last year.

Isabella said, “Initially art for me was just a hobby.

“Ironically, I never thought my art was going to get the amount of recognition it got.

“I feel like there is so much more to me that hasn’t been put out into the world.

“My perception of life has allowed me to make so many connections around the world and has opened me to ideals and experiences others may not have or see.”