Life Viral

By Lucy Harvey


An adorable toddler has dressed up as powerful women from all over the world.

Mum Jenelle Wexler, 38, has been dressing up her children since they were babies but decided to ditch the traditional costumes for important historical figures when it came to two-year-old Liberty.

The hairstylist created Liberty a costume when she was just three weeks old to represent her most loved idol – Frida Kahlo – a Mexican painter.

Since then, Jenelle was constantly coming up with new costumes for Liberty that were inspired by other inspirational women.

So far, Liberty has dressed up as 147 different powerful women and mum Jenelle doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Jenelle, from Chicago, Illinois, said: “I am a creative soul and love to express myself through art, sewing and photography.

“After dressing up Liberty like Frida, I began thinking of other influential women who should be celebrated for their contributions to the world and the ideas just kept coming.

“Liberty is a girly girl – she loves anything pink, purple and sparkly. She also loves getting her photos taken and dressing up.

“I wanted to bring attention to these women’s specific stories to show how important their actions were in helping to shape our current society for the better.

“I believe these women continue to inspire the young females of the present day to push boundaries and strive beyond equality.

“I feel it is important to pay tribute to the women who fought for and helped protect and further women’s causes.

“I only hope these are the individuals that Liberty herself chooses to admire and aspire to be like.

“The response has been amazing and unlike anything I could have ever imagined; she has had quite a few of her portrayals comment on her photo dressed as them and even re-posted or shared.

“Some of the amazing women who took notice were Billie Jean King, Abby Wambach, Simone Bikes, Ali Wong, Ashley Longshore, Kathi Lee Gifford and Kathrine Switzer.”

Mum Jenelle hopes her daughter will go on to be an influential woman and make a difference in the future.

She added: “When I asked her what she wants to be when she grows up, she said a princess or a veterinarian because she loves kittens.

“I hope she will be able to go on and do things at her own level on a daily basis as a positive influence on herself and the people around her.

“When she grows up, I hope she looks back on these pictures and finds them fun yet informatively positive.

“I attempted to capture these women’s essence in Liberty; they were brave, strong, entertaining, sincere and loving and have had such a positive impact on women today.”