By Katy Gill

Most magicians explain away their tricks as a sleight of hand – but this magician claims his tricks are the result of TIME TRAVEL.

Incredible blind magician Justin Sight, 27,  performs mind-boggling card tricks – and he says he’s able to dupe his audience through travelling to the future to find out their answers.

Justin, whose real name is Adam Jaslikowski, performed his amazing tricks out on the streets in New York City and Los Angeles to gobsmacked audiences.

Justin, who has been a magician for 17 years, said: “The general reactions I receive when performing are what we can call varying degrees of awe or amazement.

“Some people are absolutely blown away – they run, laugh scream, become wide eyed and exhibit a child-like fascination.

“Magic has the potential to challenge base line assumptions about the way things are and in this way I can call it spiritual.

“Others are more appreciative of the technique or method they either know or believe is being utilised.

“However that is not to say that peoples’ egos don’t come into play at times.

“When faced with a difficult spectator such as one who wants to expose your method to bolster a sense of intelligence as ‘smarter than’ or one who equates the art of magic with dark or satanic forces the challenge then becomes to not join in the ego game.

“I suppose some sound advice for learning magic would be practice, practice and perform.

“Your performance is also practice but it’s good to have the effect down to a degree where it looks clean in front of a mirror or a practice partner.

“Then get yourself out there somehow and perform for the general public – be it through gong up to people randomly, putting down a hat and busking if permitted where you live or getting peoples attention by doing something magical on the street.

“It is often a frightening endeavour for people starting out who want to perform for the general public as it was for me – always carry your cards or whatever you use and hopefully you’ll find yourself knowing the rush and excitement of performing for a group of strangers.”