By Beth Kilgallon


A mum has quit her day job to twin with her seven-year-old daughter online.

Christy Orveland, 33, from Florida, US, and her daughter, Ella, regularly wow their 100K Instagram followers with their almost identical features and sweet matching outfits.

The pair, with striking eyes and blonde hair, love to twin in adorable outfits and pose for fun pictures for their impressive feed.

Before making it big on Instagram, Christy was a waitress but had always dreamed of being a stay-at-home-mum so she could spend as much time with her daughter as possible.

Christy, who is a single mum, says that being able to become a full-time content creator has significantly improved her life.

She added: “It is like a dream. Being able to do this full time has given me and my daughter such a better life.

“I have always been family-driven and it allows me to spend so much more time with Ella rather than working a 9-5 job every day.”

“I am not sure how long she will think it is cute for us to match, but right now she loves it which makes me happy.

“We are both obsessed with fashion, so we love trying out different looks together. It is so fun.”

Christy, who is now a full-time content creator, started up their Instagram when Ella was around three-years-old.

After splitting up with Ella’s dad and becoming a single mother, she wanted to put her passion for photography to good use and capture the fun moments of raising her daughter.

Since becoming a single mother and focusing on social media, Christy is now able to use Instagram to provide an income for herself and Ella.

Christy said: “Our account started to grow quite quickly and brands began reaching out with ‘mummy and me’ outfits. This is where are twinning looks started.

“My favourite thing about our twinning looks is the fun we have behind the scenes of taking our pictures.

“It’s kind of like a girls day with my daughter where we get to dress up and have some fun.

“We like to do things like go to the beach and get ice cream while we are shooting so we make a day of it. We have a great time.

“I think our content is successful because it is creative, authentic and fun. It has just been me and Ella for a long time, so we have an amazing bond and I think that shows.

“And I think our twinning looks work so well because we both have the blonde hair and bright eyes, so we are matching a lot more than just our outfits.”

The pair are inseparable and enjoy spending time together, at the beach or the pool, cooking together and doing yoga.

She added: “It gives me so much more free time, allows me to do what I am passionate about and gives me the opportunity to work with amazing brands that I genuinely love.”

Although Ella is now also a successful mini-influencer, her mum says she wants to protect her from the dangers of social media.

She added: “I don’t like to make too much of a thing about it. I want to protect Ella and keep her young. She is only seven.

“I like to keep her busy doing stuff rather than have her sat on a phone on social media. I prefer the sort of old fashioned way of growing up.

“But we do have so much fun when we are taking our pictures. Ella also loves to have a say in our outfits and shoots, which I think is great.

“I would say in the past year Ella has been more creative in her style and wanting to dress her own way, but she still absolutely loves for us to be twinning. It’s adorable.”

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