By Mikey Jones


A photographer has captured the moments a dung beetle was seen cleaning up after a camel.

Sam Rowley, 26, from Bristol, snapped these impressive images in the Thar desert, India after spotting the dung beetle rolling a ball of the camels’ dung.

The wildlife filmmaker and photographer was travelling around northern India photographing the relationship between humans and wildlife and ventured out into the desert with a local guide and his camels.

Sam says the camels provide a service to the local ecosystem in the form of their dung, as well as a transport service for local people.

He said: “When we woke up at dawn in the desert there were determined dung beetles everywhere. Scurrying around and clearing up after the camels’ nocturnal movements.

“This one ended up rolling the ball back to its likely creator.

“Dung beetles use dung balls to lay eggs in or to feed off when times are hard.

“When I spotted the beetle rolling the ball of dung I had a big grin on my face.

“I wondered what the camel was thinking. Perhaps it was happy that it didn’t have to hang around in its own dung any longer.”