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By Lucy Harvey


A set of colourful Godzilla-esque lizards have been captured on camera.

The amazing pictures of marine iguanas were taken by professional wildlife photographer Leighton Lum, 33, across Santa Cruz, Espanola island and San Cristobal.

Incredibly this is the only type of lizard that has evolved to thrive searching through the ocean for food, expelling salt from its nostrils.

While they’ve have been observed to be different sizes their unique diet is believed to be responsible for their spectacular range of colours which they use to attract mates, with one pair seen lazily snoozing together in the sun.

Leighton said: “The brightly coloured red and green iguanas are only found on Espanola island. During the breeding season their colour intensifies as they are looking for a mate.

“They are not dangerous at all. They eat mostly algae. The different colours are thought to be contributed to the type of algae that they eat.”

While the pictures of the marine iguanas may conjure thoughts of a miniature version of the classic movie monster, Godzilla, it’s safe to say they’re unlikely to cause much trouble.

Leighton said: “Due to a lack of predators, these marine iguanas and most of the animals in the Galapagos don’t fear humans. They go about their business usually ignoring people so you can actually get pretty close.”

It was a fantastic opportunity for the photographer, who wanted to picture an animal found nowhere else in the world, Leighton added: “Truly a unique animal changed by evolution and built to survive. It was amazing to get up close to these prehistoric animals!”