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By Alex Wilmot


These mesmerising snaps capture the moment a diver swam amongst thousands of Mobula Rays.

The creatures, which are sometimes called flying rays thanks to their acrobatics, can be seen huddled close together as they swim effortlessly through the water in Magdalena Bay in Baja California, Mexico.

A few lucky divers were pictured swimming into the vast group of rays, which is known as a fever.

The incredible spectacle was captured by Pier Nirandara, who works as an author, Hollywood film producer, underwater photographer and expedition leader.

The 27-year-old from Los Angeles has been photographing various species of rays for several years and said sometimes people don’t believe her pictures are real.

She said: “I was leading an expedition to swim with Marlin in Mexico, when we spotted a huge group of Mobula Rays and decided to jump in.

“There’s something inherently peaceful about swimming with hundreds or thousands of Mobulas and sharing the ocean with these fantastic creatures.

“If you stay calm, they swim past you in a mesmerizing group.”