By Beth Kilgallon


A creative teenager has set up her own business by baby ultrasounds onto candles.

Amy Cindy Davidson, from Great Barr, Birmingham, has been creating bespoke candles for parents-to-be, as well as parents who have lost their baby, by hand painting scan pictures on to her homemade candles.

In an attempt to keep herself occupied during another lockdown, the 18-year-old’s hobby has turned in to a business.

Charging £11.20 per candle, Amy says she has been inundated with requests.

Amy said: “The idea just sprung to me after my brother and his partner sent photo of their baby’s scan.

“I worried a little bit at first as I thought it might be difficult to paint the pictures accurately, but once I started I realised I didn’t find it too tricky at all and it came quite naturally.

“I have always been creative and into art, I studied it at school and I am glad I now have the chance to be able to use it.

“I started by just making ordinary candles as I had seen a lot of TikTok videos and thought it looked quite doable.

“I am a college student and all of my classes are now done online, so I have a lot of spare time to fill.

“So, I thought I would start something to keep me occupied during the lockdown.

“It was just a hobby at first, but the demand for candles got quite high so it is great that I have been able to make it into a little business.

“I am currently making around 25 candles per week.”

After posting the bespoke scan candle that she had made for her brother online, the orders started flying in from mums-to-be who wanted their own.

Amy says that she has also received orders from people who have sadly lost their baby and were interested in buying the candles to keep as a memory.

The hospitality student added: “I love making these sentimental pieces as they are so meaningful to people.

“They are really unique, and it is amazing to be able to create something so special and personal for someone.

“I have received lots of really positive feedback from customers who have said they can’t believe how perfect and accurate the paintings are.

“I have also been asked to create candles for people who have lost their baby so that they can keep them as an ornament.

“It takes around three hours for the candles to set and then it takes me around one hour to paint on the ultrasound picture.

“So in total, it takes around four hours to make each one.

“I love doing it and I hope it can become something more permanent in my life, even after lockdown.”

To order, visit: @candlesdeacx