By Iain Watts


Is this the UK’s next featherweight champion? This burly robin shows off his strong physique in an incredible snap.

The raucous robin was captured in a tense stare off with photographer Ivor Ottley, 54, in the garden of his home in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

After the pre-match size-up, keen snapper Ivor then managed to take another stunning image of the robin, who appeared to be ready for a boxing brawl.

Ivor said: “The robin looks like he’s coming straight at you in the picture and almost like a bird of prey.

“Every picture has its little hook – I like how the robin is gazing right at the camera and spreading his wings.

“In my garden, there’s always amazing opportunities to view wildlife, so I’ve spent a lot of lockdown observing and taking images of birds.

“I think there’s amazing wildlife on everyone’s doorstep that you don’t have to travel the world for a good photo.

“I’m always trying to get a shot that’s a bit different, with some emotion behind it.”

Ivor, who was previously a professional violinist, situated himself in a special hide tent which enabled him to get close to the birds without them seeing him.

He spent hours trying to get the perfect shot of this particularly rowdy robin, which most definitely paid off.

Ivor said: “I didn’t take the shots randomly, I had to have a good idea of what I wanted to take so I spent a good few hours waiting for the right time.

“Because I sat out there for a long time, I did get a sense of what the robins were going to do next and I learnt their natural behaviours.

“Everyone has their own interpretation of the photos which is great. Some people think it looks like he’s doing kung fu and others have simply said that it’s a beautiful image.

“I really like these pictures and I enjoyed creating them.”