Amazing Nature

By Hayley Pugh


This man has taken incredible shots of himself spanning all seven continents and featuring the world’s most beautiful places.

Paul Zizka has compiled a collection of epic self portraits, globe trotting from Asia to Antarctica in search of the world’s most stunning locations.

His breath-taking snaps include natural phenomenon’s such comets, the milky way and the spectacular aurora borealis, as well as bucket list landmarks such as Deadvlei in Namibia and the Ahu Tongariki at Easter Island.

Paul, who often travels alone, uses an intervalometer built into his camera which controls how many shots are taken, how often and for how long.

The 41-year-old, from Banff, Canada, simply wanders into the scene – which is sometimes up to a mile away –  and tries out several poses.

He said: ” I do plan where to stand beforehand, then I try a number of poses and positions once I get there.

“Planning is essential when I’m walking up to a kilometre away for a shot. These types of images can take hours to put together.

“In fact, I’d be happy to include a model other than me, but so often I am alone on these excursions.

“If someone else were to stand in the frame it could help me cut down on the time it takes to capture them.

“But the self-portrait series has also become very special to me as it captures my personal relationship with these wild landscapes.

“The first time I used the human element it was to solve compositional issues when I needed to add interest to the foreground.

“So, being alone, I entered the frame and I was happy with the results.

“It got me thinking about how I could use the human element more.

“For me, adding the human figure can make for stronger compositions, provide scale, give the shot a sense of vulnerability, make the image more relatable, and also tell the story of the human relationship with nature.”