By Leah Fox


Out of this world snaps capture Britain’s brightest stars like they’ve never been seen before.

It’s not the usual grim grey skies that feature in these images – it’s the plethora of planets and twinkling stars which show that Britain’s night skies are in fact rather dreamy.

Photographer Chris Cork, 39, took the series of breathtaking shots at various coastal points across the southeast of England over a three-month period, with the aim of showing the breathtaking beauty of Britain’s night sky.

The photos show off the stunning Milky Way above the sea at Birling Gap in Eastbourne, as well as the dreamy skies above deserted boats in Dungeness and even the Neowise Comet over the ancient Reculver Towers in Kent.

Chris, who owns a digital print business, said: “Everything you see in the picture is real, but the camera is set to be more sensitive so things look even more magical.

“The pictures serve as a bit of escapism and they inject magic and wonder into life.

“They really get the imagination going.”

The keen photographer, of Maidstone, Kent, says the weather is important to get the right shot.

He added: “It just needs the right weather conditions to get a good photo and it takes about an hour or two to capture.

“Some people are actually quite shocked when they find out that I took them in Britain because they don’t expect there to be regular starry skies here.

“Everyone really likes the pictures and I get nice feedback for them which encourages me to go out and do more.

“I started taking these photos from August until October and I went out almost every day for three months, going to different places.

“I was continuously going out with the aim of getting some night sky pictures and capturing some stars.

“I got a star tracker box to put on my tripod, which rotates the camera at the same speed as the earth’s rotation, so you can expose the stars for a few minutes rather than 20 seconds.