By Taniya Dutta


This adorable cat is truly one of a kind – as her fluorescent eyes change colour with the weather!

Some days, Ivory, a ten-year-old domestic short hair cat, has bright fluorescent green and yellow eyes and other days, the colour of her eyes changes to bright yellow and orange.

The endearing cat has been adopted by Gabriela Carvalho, a nursing student from Calgary, Alberta, Canada after she lost her five-year-old old emotional therapy cat Luna.

Gabriela said: “I often get comments about her eyes, especially because they seem to change colour depending on the weather, which is quite common in humans.

“I had never seen that in an animal before. Mostly people just say how beautiful she is, or that usually they’ve only seen blue and yellow before.”

Ivory is a playful cat, even for her age. She loves to “chirp” while birdwatching and catching squirrels. Despite having almost no teeth, she enjoys eating food and loves Quail eggs and Churu treats.

“Ivory maybe ten-year-old but she is wild. Her energy levels are incredible.

“Since a dental condition means Ivory doesn’t have many teeth left and her shorter lower jaw, she mostly eats wet food blended with bone broth to make it more liquid. She eats a specific wet food that is pretty similar to a raw food diet.

Gabriela, 28, adopted Ivory after she went to visit some shelter cats, but had no intention of taking one home with her.

She added: ” I visited the same shelter that I adopted Luna from to return some cat food I had purchased before Luna got sick. I passed by the window of all of these kittens and then Ivory, this beautiful, small adorable white cat just staring at me with these eyes.”

“I wasn’t planning on adopting, however I thought maybe some cat therapy would do my heart some good. So I asked if I could see Ivory in the “meet and greet” area.

“Ivory came out, walked over to me laid right in my lap and started purring, and she purrs loud and like a pigeon.

“Though her unique purr, eyes and quirky stuck out tongue were adorable and I loved her then, what made me absolutely know for sure that I was supposed to take her home, was the fact that Ivory wasn’t a Canadian cat.

“People ask me all the time why this was such a give-away for me? It’s because I spent six months in Jordan about five years previously in the same little town where this sweet girl came from. How often does that happen?

“I love Ivory to pieces she is a huge blessing and I am so grateful for her. She’s been the best friend through this whole loss and Covid-19. She is precious, and I am thankful that she chose me first.”