Amazing Nature

By Jessica Testa


A stunning time lapse of the Milky Way was filmed just before dawn at the top of Mount Barrow in Tasmania.

Ben Swanson, 39, filmed the time lapse over a period of four and a half hours.

Ben said: “I knew the Milky Way would be rising this time of year at dawn as it always does.”

“It’s always a joy to watch the Milky Way rising above the horizon, but I find even more special at this time of year as we get the red glow of dawn approaching to go with it.”

Ben is happy with how this clip turned out but says he can’t wait to shoot some more clips of Tasmania’s fantastic dark sky.

“The forecast on this particular night was for the cloud to clear around 4am, just in time for a glimpse of the Milky Way before the night fades to day.”