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By Mikey Jones


This shark got a taste of its own medicine after being bitten on the face by another shark, in an epic underwater battle for food.

The pair of bull sharks were spotted grappling off the coast of Florida, with one taking a huge chunk out of its opponents face during the aggressive fight.

The incredible moment was captured by shark diver and boat captain, John Moore.

@captainjohnmoore / CATERS NEWS 

In his job as an eco-shark tour guide, the 54-year-old goes swimming with different types of sharks on a daily basis including bull sharks, lemon sharks, hammerhead sharks and tiger sharks.John, from Jupiter in Florida, said: “Two bull sharks were going for the same food, resulting in one shark’s head winding up in the other’s mouth.

“This happens more often than one would think.

“Most of the time the shark would quickly retract its teeth so as not injure other shark.

“The last photos however show that this is not always the case and this shark clearly suffered some solid bite marks.

“Remarkably, even bites that seem this severe quickly fade.

“Sharks heal very well and I have pictures of this same shark a couple of months later and the bites are barely noticeable.

“Sharks are extremely misrepresented and misunderstood.

“Bull sharks are commonly regarded as one of the most dangerous sharks on the planet.

“I swim with them almost every day and have never had any incidents.”


@captainjohnmoore / CATERS NEWS