By Mikey Jones


Some playful lion cubs wouldn’t stop playing together until their mum had finally had enough and picked them by the scruff of their neck.

The adorable pictures were taken by Charlie Stols, 40, a wildlife photographer, in the Chobe national park, Botswana, last year.

Throughout the set of images the cute lion cubs are seen lying with each other while their mums feast on a giraffe.

But when they are done one of the mums has had enough of telling her little one to leave with her, and hilariously, the annoyed mother trots over and picks her cub up by the scruff of the neck and finally gets to leave.

Charlie, said: “We were lucky to find a pride of lions on the very first afternoon in Nxai Pan. The females were feeding on a giraffe kill and therefore didn’t move much around during our stay in this area.

“When we went back the next morning the youngsters were playing and the females were slowly making their way away from the kill into some thicker bushes to retreat from the sun that was about to heat up the day.

“They called the cubs several times but they were so involved in playing with each other that one of the mums had to walk over and fetch them.

“One cub in particular was especially naughty and stayed behind so that the mother eventually had enough and carried him gently in her mouth.

“This was a very special moment for me as I had always wanted to see and photograph a female lion carrying a cub.”