By Alex Beard


At first glance, this basket laden with exotic fruits looks to be the perfect healthy treat.

But dieters, beware! The stunning basket is actually crafted completely from cake and icing – and contains more than 33,000 calories!


The incredibly realistic cake was made by Hannah-Elizabeth Jackson, who decided to make the impressive treat to help promote her aunt and uncle’s grocery business as a raffle prize.

But while the sugary treat might be more appealing than a basket of fruit to those with a sweet tooth, it contains the recommended amount of calories for a man to eat in 14 days – and would keep the average woman going even longer, for 16 days.

Hannah spent a pain-staking four days – and a total of 20 hours putting the cake together.

She first bought all the fruit she’d be making and arranged it in exactly the same way, before beginning her modelling.

She said: “The cake took a lot of prepping. I began with purchasing all the fruit I needed for the cake so I could try to make the resemblance as lifelike as possible, down to size and textures.

“The tiny dots on the orange took forever.

“Then I researched wooden crates to find out where all the grooves and marks needed to be. I used an airbrush on the crate which brought it to life and hand painted all the fruit after making them with Rice Krispie treat and fondant.”

This former nursery worker has developed the uncanny knack for crafting life-like sculptures out of cake – with many left struggling to tell her hyper-realistic designs apart from the real-life inspirations.

Over the past six months Hannah, 28, from Glossop, Derbys, has managed to successfully establish her new business, The Yellow Rose, offering intricately designed cakes – ranging from almost indistinguishable sweet takes of an Xbox controller, an iguana and even a bucket of KFC.


Figures for ingredients-

Butter: 3 blocks of 250g  – 5250 calories Icing sugar – 3 packets of 500g  -5985 calories

5 packets of 1kg fondant – 19,995 calories Rice Krispies – 1.5 boxes – 2,100 calories

2 large packets of mini marshmallows – 450 calorie.

Total -33,780


How much ‘fruit’ in the box and real-life fruit calories – Two bananas – 89 calories (x2 = 178) Two oranges – 47 calories (x2 = 94) Two apples – 52 calories (x2 = 104) Two pears – 62 calories (x2 = 124) One melon –  53 calories (53) Total – 553