Amazing Animals

By Lucy Harvey


A lucky photographer was left gobsmacked after witnessing a couple of playful whales breaching in sync with each other.

The enchanting images were snapped by Don McLeish, from Maui, Hawaii.

In the images, the playful pair of whales can be seen chasing each other underwater, breaching individually and then almost unbelievably in synchronisation with each other off the coast of the Pacific island.

Don, said: “I got word from a friend who has a whale watching business at the boat launch that they had a some adult humpbacks mugging them and had another boat come in close so they could leave to come in and pick up the next group.

“Mugging is when some whales come to your boat and stick around checking you out while you check them out, it is the ultimate encounter.

“With my friend, we headed out to the area and did see a couple boats close to each other and as we got closer we could see whales swimming around and under the boats.

“Eventually the two whales both fluked and dove deep. The other boats left but we stayed in place hoping for an encounter when the whales returned to the surface.”

After putting on a show for Don, the whales seemed to be getting bored and were about to head off, but they then breached together, something Don had only seen a couple of times in his entire life.

Don, added: “They ended up coming out of the water a number of times and got into synchronisation so that we were treated to some very special double breaches as they circled us.”