Animals Life

By Leah Fox


A missing cat was found 24 miles from home – after wandering back to his birthplace for more TREATS and to go “back to its roots”.

India Redman’s two-year-old cat Cupid vanished on December 27 last year and was away for almost three weeks since.

But the ginger cat was found on Saturday (January 16) in a back garden just two doors down from where India had bought him as a kitten back in 2019 – after travelling the 24 miles.

India, of Bournemouth, Dorset, said the clever moggy wanted more treats from the homeowner who used to feed him in that garden and India claimed he wanted to “go back to its roots”.

“It’s such a heartwarming and crazy story at the same time,” the cat lover said.

“It was really nice because Cupid was actually born there and the lady who found him used to feed him treats in her garden when he snuck out of the house as a baby. She didn’t realise it was him at first.”

But the woman, of Odstock, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, traced India on social media on Saturday afternoon after the cat owner suffered weeks of despair.

India added: “It was very out of character for Cupid – he is a bit of an adventurer and all of the neighbours know who he is because he’s friendly, but he always comes home at the end of the day.

“When he didn’t come back it was so weird and I felt a bit worried.

“We didn’t hear anything for a while, after posting on social media about Cupid, but a lady in Wiltshire contacted us to say she thought she had found him.

“Everyone loves him so much in our house and he gets attention non-stop so I reckon that he couldn’t find his way back home here because he got too far away, so then he went somewhere else that was familiar to him.

“We’re so glad that he’s back home and safe after his 24 mile journey back to his roots.”

On 27 December 2020, Cupid had been out around his usual areas, but when he didn’t show up for his dinner, India became worried.

She and her family began putting up missing posters around the neighbourhood and online, with dad Colin, 61, driving around to see if Cupid was a little further away.

India continued: “Someone actually saw him while they were sitting outside of her house, three days after he went missing.

“We contacted her straightaway, but by this point he had already gone.”

The desperate search for beloved Cupid finally came to an end, when he was surprisingly found an hour away in Wiltshire, where he was born.

India said: “A lady messaged a picture of a ginger cat she had seen near her home, asking us to call her if it might be Cupid.

“I jumped out of bed and phoned her straight away because I was so excited.

“We had a chat and it was definitely Cupid that she had found.

“I was shocked when she told me she was in Odstock in Wiltshire. He must have gone across rivers and fields to get over there in stealth mode.”

Cupid was reunited with a relieved India, who is still left in disbelief at her cat’s long-haul adventure to his hometown.

She added: “He was found two doors down from the house where I’d bought him from.

“I have a feeling he might have gone there to find the original owners but they had moved, so he went somewhere else that was familiar.

“I like to think that he must have remembered his birthplace and gone back to his roots for a little trip.

“We’ve just had him chipped and neutered so he’s on house arrest at the moment, but I’m sure he will be back out soon ready to go on some more adventures.”