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white moose


By Katy Gill

An incredible sighting of a pair of rare white moose has been caught on camera.

The two moose were snapped grazing at the side of the road in Foleyet, in Ontaria, Canada, by Lorraine Brabant, 52.

Lorraine, who had been on her way back from work as a nurse practitioner, was stunned to see two of the unusual moose together.

She said: “They are a rare sighting.

“I was quite a distance away, but I started filming and gradually approached them.

“They were quite calm, and didn’t run away.

“They’re not albino, but are called a ‘variant’ – they are protected here.

“Everyone was thrilled to see the footage – people always hope to see them as they travel down the highway, but it rarely happens.

“It was the third time I’ve seen a white moose in my life, and I’ve been travelling the highway for many years.”