By Lucy Harvey


A thrill-seeking wildlife photographer took a risky chance on feeding crocodiles

The jaw-snapping images were taken by Leighton Lum, 32, a wildlife photographer from Hawaii, who jumped at the chance to get in the water with a group of wild crocodiles.

Leighton spent three days in a fisherman’s cabin in Banco Chinchorro, Mexico, where the crocodiles are always on the lookout for handouts and fish left over by fishermen.

Leighton said: “Dinosaurs have always fascinated me so I jumped at a chance the dive with crocs once I found out it was possible and that it could be done fairly safely.

“We spent three days living in an old fisherman’s cottage out on the water where the crocs live.

“The crocs have gotten use to feeding on the scraps left my fisherman, so they come by all of these huts and make their rounds looking for handouts.

“They were amazing to dive with, once you study and see their behaviour underwater you get a sense of what you can and can’t do with them. They are so food driven they completely ignore the divers.

“This was a great experience and one of the very few places on earth where you can dive with these amazing creatures.”