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By Dilantha Dissanayake


Dramatic pictures have captured the moment two female tigers battled for supremacy during the ultimate CAT FIGHT.

The tigresses came to blows when a young female, who had recently become separated from her mother, accidentally trespassed onto another female’s territory.

During the fearsome battle the pair tried to establish dominance – standing on their hind legs and snarling, while taking deadly swipes at each other.

The ferocious fight was witnessed by photographer, Indraneel Dani, during a trip to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in India.

The 37-year-old snapper said: “In an instant the dominant female looked up and saw the intruder, without the slightest hesitation she launched herself at her with a thundering growl.

“Both the tigresses with bare teeth and claws took swipes at the other. However, the outcome was decided even before the fight had started and the much larger and experienced dominant female completely outfought the young tigress, who was seen moving away from the water hole with cuts and puncture wounds all over her body.


“The dominant female returned to the water hole and sat by the water edge as if to announce her dominance over the area.

“My favourite shot is the one where the dominant female is air born and is about to take a swipe at the young tigress.

“This image shows the ferocity with which the dominant female launched her attack.

“My feeling was of sympathy towards the young tigress.

“It must have been extremely traumatic for her as she had just been separated from her mother and been confronted by an aggressive tigress.”