Amazing Animals

By Cally Brooks


This adorable Pomeranian loves KAYAKING with his owner.

Pictures show Steph Kitching, 28, take the three-year-old dog Buddha with her on the water and put him a lifejacket.

The intrepid canine also joins Steph on other adventures, like mountain hikes and walks through the snow.

Steph, of Peebles, Scotland, said: “He seems so peaceful and happy when we’re out on the water.

“He’s loving his life; I bet he never thought his life would be like this.”

When Buddha isn’t kayaking, he goes for long walks but as he’s only little, he is often given a helping hand by Steph who has a special pet carrier to put him in when he gets tired.

As the pair live in Scotland, mountains and lakes are only a stones throw away and all of their adventures are documented through Buddha’s Instagram account which currently as more than 6,000 followers.

Steph, an early years officer, said: “We had always wanted a small dog and when we first got Buddha, we quickly realised he was full of energy and loved going outside.

“Previously to having Buddha, I used to climb mountains with friends but now he comes on every walk with me.

“We can be outside all day but he loves it; once we reach the top of the mountain he loves running all the way back down and people always stop us to take pictures of him in the backpack.

“We bought kayaks last spring and last summer was the perfect weather to go out in them; I feel so lucky that he loves doing these things.

“When he sees people, he’ll jump up at the side of the kayak to say hello.

“I love seeing people’s reactions when they see him; we have been able to spend more time together since lockdown and go on more adventures.”

Buddha lives at home with Steph and her partner Dean Wood, who also loves going out on the kayaks with the pair.

When Steph and Dean first got Buddha, they quickly realised he was going to be the perfect, adventurous companion they had been looking for.

Steph said: “From the beginning, we trained him with the rucksack and he loves going in it.

“We’re so lucky where we live and every weekend we get up early and go out on some sort of adventure together.

“As a Pomeranian, a lot of people don’t think they would be able to handle all of the walking but they absolutely love it and I think it’s amazing that he gets to do all these things with me”.