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Stunning photographs capture a rare white moose roaming a field.

Roger Brendhagen, 52, caught the magical pictures during a walk through the countryside near Värmland, Sweden.

The wildlife snapper says only around 30 white moose live in the area and so he was delighted to catch a glimpse of one.

Roger, originally of Oslo, Norway, said: “I have met thousands of moose in my life but when I met this guy in the Swedish forests, I almost lost my senses but thank God I did not lose the camera.

“I photographed this moose in Värmland in Sweden, in the border area with Norway, according to researchers, there are about 30 moose with this mutation in Värmland.

“The legendary white moose first appeared in western Värmland sometime in the 1930s, they are not albino but according to researchers they have a defect in the genetic code, which makes the coat does not store pigment.

“The phenomenon is called leucism, they have brown eyes and brown horns just like normal moose.

“The animal can become lighter, partly white or completely white in colour, however, eyes, beak and claws often have normal pigmentation, in contrast to albinism.”